Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Love your face

Since high school I have had very noticeable acne, which of course was one of the banes of my existence. Even into and after college a fair amount still persisted. I felt this was wholly unfair, as I was always told it would go away when I became an adult. During these years I tried a variety of face washes, scrubs, what-have-you. Sometimes the blemishes were reduced but never enough to my satisfaction. I am 23 now. A few weeks ago I decided to stop hating my face, and to just love & accept it. This was the only face I had and I was wasting time & energy hoping for a different one. Miraculously after consciously making an effort to love my body & face, the blemishes started to drastically go away. My face to smoother and clearer than it has been since the late 1990s. I had no expectation that this would happen but it sure is welcome. Even if the blemishes come back, I will still love my face, and continue to make a conscious effort if I feel my love wavering.


Struggle For Justice said...

It's what is inside a person, like wisdom, compassion and dedication that really counts.

My impressions of a person fade leaving me to remember the person's soul.

LoveLightPeace said...

I agree. It's easier for me to see that in others than myself, and is something I'm working on.