Thursday, June 26, 2008

basil, beans & a preying mantis

Today was my last day volunteering at my cousin's farm. As I arrived I stopped at the apricot tree and picked two juicy, plump apricots. Delicious. Then I found my cousin. As I waited for him to finish washing his hands, I petted the cow some. I daresay she liked it since she put her head through the fence so she could be closer to me.

I harvested a couple rows of basil, which were planted alongside some green bean rows. God, it was so peaceful & beautiful. It's very smokey here due to the California fires, but the sun still managed to cast beautiful, warm rays of light across the basil, the grass & the other plots of thriving vegetables. The basil aroma was quite therapeutic too as I snipped the delicate basil stems. While snipping I happened to come across a very small & incredibly cool preying mantis! Later I escorted another preying mantis away from the basil cooler and into some other greenery. Maggie, a dog, would come visit me every once in a while too. I will miss the animal interaction very much.

There was a moment where I stopped, gently leaned back into the blossoming, light purple green bean flowers with their tiny pods growing long, breathed in the freshly snipped basil aroma, took in the rows upon rows of lettuces, tomatoes, potatoes and what have you that the sun was blessing with light, and just smiled. It truly was perfect.

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