Thursday, June 26, 2008

a complete 180

Astonishment & disbelief were what I first felt when I learned today that the job my husband really wanted, the one we were told he had, the one we had packed half our apartment & reserved a room in Santa Cruz ready for a move on Tuesday--when we learned that he didn't have that job anymore. At least there is now no definite date as to when the university will hire anyone for it.

This all meant that we were not moving to the town we really wanted to go. We had just spent $90 on a storage unit we did not need. And that my husband now has no job waiting for him after tomorrow.

Yes, it blew me and my husband away. He's more recovered now. I was numb for a bit but I think I'm on the right road to recovery. It was just a boatload of change for the span of two weeks.

It was funny too because when I wrote my previous post (before this news came) I thought I shouldn't think in future terms such as "I will miss..." because I have no way of knowing really what the future holds. How do I really know I will miss something? How do I really know I will be in a different town next week? I don't. So I should focus instead on appreciating things in their moments, not of what feelings I may possibly be feeling should certain events possibly happen.

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Teresa R Hernandez said...

I read your blog..a similar set of events took place for me in 2001 I resigned from a teaching position in Southern California headed to the Bay area...leased our home...set out to move into our new temporary residence...moving trucks in a Travel Lodge on move in day we didn't get the promised Lease ! Three small children, one dog, 2 goldfish, two love birds, a husband temporarily unemployed and me displaced no home ....find a storage...get a bigger room at Travel Lodge one that accepts small pets.....hold on pray....breathe ...breathe... pray ...survive...time heals all if you believe in the intervention of God's spiritual plan. God Bless you as you pass through this difficult transition in have hit a detour so that your words of strength and inner peace can console strangers far, far away via internet...searching for Love, Light and Peace....

Teresa @