Monday, June 2, 2008

falling in place

A few radical changes have been made this past month, but it doesn't seem radical since the previous months have been leading up to it.

Let me preface with some history: Late 2007 until early 2008 I was working a job that turned into a stressful nightmare. But it forced me to do a lot of things I would never have comfortably done before. It really made me grow quick. The ultimate lesson I learned from it is love for myself is first in my life. I didn't want to sacrifice my life & happiness just to satisfy a job or society.

After I left the job in March, I became a stay at home wife. I really wanted to take this time for myself, to recover, to detox, to heal & to learn more. And more than less I've been doing that. A month ago I decided to contact a cousin of mine that I knew lived in the area. I've known this for months and months, but just never contacted him. He was happy to hear from me and invited me over for dinner with his wife and two young daughters.

After that things quickly started falling into place. I was looking for a part time job because I felt ready to go beyond my shell again. My cousin's wife at this moment needed a new babysitter since the one she was using was moving. Babysitting is a job I've always wanted to do since I love kids, but couldn't since most businesses want education credits. My cousin offered me a summer gig in his garden to help weed & maintain it. This is another thing I've always wanted to do, being hands on with earth & such, but never had the opportunity or desired skills for it. My cousin's family have quickly and quite comfortably been added to our life here. Had I contacted them months ago, I'm not sure the same outcome would have happened. I was super stressed and probably would have felt too drained to maintain a relationship with them. Who knows though.

Either way, it's been a very pleasant change to my life.

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