Friday, October 24, 2008

divinity found in a bathtub

Baths are underrated. They seem to be viewed as an archaic means of cleaning oneself, or reserved only for children or elderly. But I seriously think much can be gained for one's serenity by taking a simple, quiet bath. I would have laughed at this notion before I started indulging in baths again, but now I urge anyone with a bathtub to take advantage of it.

I live in a simple apartment with an average bathtub, no fancy clawfoot tubs for me. I light a single candle, add some fragrant, moisturizing bath products to the warm water, and set a book down next to the tub. When my body submerges in the warm water, my blissful spirit emerges and says, "Ah, yes, this is wonderful. Thank you for this break." I'm always moved to passively meditate, quiet my mind, and just be. More often than not I read a few chapters from a frivolous chick lit book or a spiritual book. Then once my mind has awoken from its peaceful nap and my muscles have let their guard down long enough to have a siesta of their own, I rise from the tub more lifted & energized than after 8 hours of sleep many times.

It is comparable to the time I received a real massage. I would not have believed how much a massage could release stress and let your spirit soar until I experienced it myself. That is a main reason why I want to become a massage therapist. I don't think massages or baths (anything that lifts the spirit) are frivolous, pretty spa treatments that should be reserved for only those who can afford it. My experiences with them have been freeing and beautiful. Hopefully when I get going on my massage therapist path, I can extend these experiences to the less fortunate. Everyone deserves to have a time out in a serene sanctuary where their spirit can relax and smile a bit.

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