Tuesday, October 14, 2008

snail mail

My stepmom-in-law [further referred to as just stepmom] surprised me by sending me the book Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. Apparently it was featured on Oprah, of which I was unaware. Either way, it was a really good, insightful yet still entertaining read. My mom was interested in it so I passed it on to her. It's a book I recommend and which will make you want to visit Italy & eat dreamy pasta if anything. I also liked her explanation of what God is to her.

This gift spurred me to want to send my stepmom a thank you card. I had several pretty thank you cards that I haven't had a reason to use. I figured why only thank her for the book when I have an opportunity to also thank her for just being the great person and friend she is? And why not just use the rest of my thank you cards and do the same thing for the other loved ones in my life? So that's what I did, with two cards left over. I only included family members but I'm trying to think of who I can use the other two for. I want to mean it to whoever I send them to, not just feel like I should use them up.

I sent them out yesterday. Hopefully it lifts their week a little more.

Still, I have loads of pretty stationary that I always never get around to using. My mom has been in a funk and I thought maybe I can send her some poems that either I like, or she may like, using this stationary. She never gets anything but bills and junk mail (like the rest of us) but she loves the written word. So I will send one and see if she likes it. If so, I have a nice reason to use my stationary.

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