Saturday, December 13, 2008

the office

At times I feel the office is my nemesis. I become more sluggish, irritable, and drained when at the office. Of course this is why I left in the first place. The reason I decided to take on this 4.5 month office job was to catalyst the monetary income so we could pay off our credit cards once and for all. That way I could enroll in massage school and be able for afford it since our credit debt would be extinguished. Everything lined up perfectly with me getting this job. I know it is something I want to and need to do in order to go to massage school as soon as possible. But it's quite easy for me to forget this while I'm sitting under fluorescent lights in a broken office chair, staring at a computer screen, waiting for any work to come my way.

Maybe this is the sealant for confirming that I can never happily work in an office environment. Maybe this is a little lesson in temporary sacrifice/uncomfortableness for a greater good. Maybe it's to show me that being mindful and at peace isn't just something you learn and keep without constantly working on. I may have spent 8 months cultivating balance and serenity, but that can all easily fly out the window if you let it. Hmm, that one hits a chord. Because that's what I seem to be reminding myself. When I get frustrated at the super slow computer, I literally close me eyes, take a few breaths, and just try to settle down again. I didn't use to do that at my former job.

My husband has started helping me by reminding me of the bigger picture-- that I will finally start training to be a holistic massage therapist once this gig is up.

But boy, it is already challenging and I have only been at the office for a month.

Still, there are joys too. I really like the people I'm working with. They're all genuinely nice and caring.

Something else I was reflecting on:


I have taken an interest again in eating healthy. That is another struggle I try to handle, some days better than others. I am aware that there is a connection between what your body consumes and your physical/mental/spiritual well being. Yet time and again I let sweets and pizza into my body. Just tonight we ordered a pizza. And just yesterday I ate some pastries, after already eating many more pastries the entire week. I don't know why I crave the sugar. I have been craving it more since giving up drinking several months ago. I thought it would cease over time, but it hasn't.

That is still not excuse enough though. Here are some websites that I like to frequent:

101 Cookbooks I especially recommend the sushi bowl recipe

Mediterrasian Oh everything here looks divine! My husband and I love Asian and Mediterranean food so I was very happy to discover this site this week.

Quinoa Porridge Please give this one a try. It's quite delish & healthy. It originated from the Clean Eating Magazine, which is a treasure in the sea of cooking magazine out there.

So that is what has been on my mind lately.
And so it goes.

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