Wednesday, December 31, 2008

oh what fun it is to get a flat tire on christmas eve, hey!

No, really, I am not being sarcastic. While my husband and I were driving up to a Christmas Eve party along dark, twisty, remote roads in the rain, the front tire went flat. It was a first for us, and somewhat exciting for me. The most noteworthy part though was the fact that I was the calm person. I honestly was not freaked out in the least; I calmly called a couple people to get the phone number of the people we were visiting (who were only 2 miles away). I didn't start, or even think of, bemoaning the fact we would have to buy new tires now. It was just a new experience that I was happily enjoying.

My husband and I even commented we couldn't have gotten a flat tire at a more perfect time.

  • We had easy, quick access to friends & family who came to our rescue with a better jack, a huge umbrella, and their experience.
  • It occured a day before our 3 hour trip to visit my family, so it was much better getting the flat & fixing it beforehand than it would have been on the trip.
  • We could actually afford to replace the tires.
  • Not to mention giving us a valuable lesson in How To Change Your Tire; now go out and buy a flashlight.

And here's that awesome synchronicity that I love:

The people we were visiting (and who I called for help) had done some television insallation that afternoon. Turns out that they had wired something wrong and unplugged the phone, so it was out for the whole afternoon. Only minutes before I called though did they realize this error, and plugged the phone back in. Voila! My phone call got through to them without a hitch.


Lea said...

What a great story to demonstrate the benefits of taking life as it comes without resisting it and looking at the possible positives of it happening now instead of later or even earlier. Great article.

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Congratulations and happy new year!

LoveLightPeace said...

Thank you!

Wooo, currently rocking out the last bit of 2008 :D