Monday, December 22, 2008

the universe gave me the day off

Here's an synchronicity anecdote if you ever needed one.

So last Monday I showed up to work except this time the door was locked. The Friday before I had just been given a key to the office, but for the first time ever I decided to leave my purse (which had my keys) home that Monday morning. My other co-workers are supposed to be there, and I do see a light on, but no one was answering my knocking.

I decided to call the phone number I had saved for the office (which ended up being a direct line to my boss, who wasn't in, and thus my message never got to my co-workers). Then I called my husband, and he dropped me off at the mall. I did a little shoe shopping, and spent the rest of the day at my husband's office relaxing. I was anxious that I hadn't gotten a call though on my cell phone from my co-workers. But I figured if they needed me, they would call since that previous Friday I had also given my number to my co-worker.

The next day everything is normal: the office door is unlocked, my co-workers are in, and I explain everything that happened Monday. Turns out they were at work yesterday, but stepped out of the office for a little bit to get breakfast. They say they saw me get in the car with my husband when he picked me up just as they were coming back from getting breakfast. However, my co-worker forgot that she had my phone number and so didn't call me. She only remembered at the end of the day.

So are you ready for the twist?

I was doing my time sheet today, and opened up last pay period's time sheet. Turns out that I forgot to assign myself any hours for that Monday I missed. So if everything had worked as they usually had, I would have worked but not have gotten paid for it.

Crazy, eh?

Thank you, Universe, for honoring my time sheet, and giving me the day off :)

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