Thursday, January 22, 2009

how do you give yourself a dose of your own medicine?

That's what I need. Intellectually I know the reasons I have put myself in this job situation. But I still find myself struggling to keep balance.

My mind feels blank. This life of going through the motions without passion or joy in the work I am doing... quite frankly is hell. Call it First World White Collar Hell, if you will. I know this is only temporary (March 13!) so that I can finally begin massage school, and make a positive, passionate difference in this world. This sacrifice is worth that, at least.

So here is what I am going to do. I am going to write down all the positive ideas and things I want to do with my massage therapy career.

  • Start my own massage therapy business that partners with a women's shelter. Create a symbiotic relationship where I give the shelter women free massages.
  • Through my business, garner donations to pass along to shelter.
  • To give clients incentive to donate, will initiate a program where for any $X given, that is the percentage they get discounted on their next massage. (I still need to work out the logistics of whether this is offered every day? week? month?) I will up the reward in December for the holidays.
  • This partnership won't only be personally fulfilling, but I think it would be good for my business in terms of advertising. My clients get the satisfaction of knowing their money is not only going towards their massage, but also towards a good cause.
  • I will only use fluorescent lights after I have exhausted all other means to avoid them. Fluorescent lights are the bane of my office existence.
  • My massage therapy office/business will have real color painted on the walls, like rich purple, vibrant green or turquoise, and art will be hung up. No more drab, sterile office dwelling for me.
  • Hopefully, later on if/when my business is successful, I can create a sort of massage therapy organization where other massage therapists/businesses can join if they also partner with a cause & form their own symbiotic relationship. Good for advertising in saying you are part of a good organization that gives back to people, but also good for people! This is only a fringe idea though. We'll see where I am 10 years from now first.
  • No more working for crazy people.
  • I want to model my business after this "social business" concept:

Revolutionary economist Muhammad Yunus's new book "Creating a World Without Poverty" outlines his vision for an original business model that combines the power of free markets with the quest for a more humane world - and tells the inspiring stories of companies that are doing this work today. Yunus is the founder of Grameen Bank, a pioneer of microcredit - an economic movement that has helped lift millions of families around the word out of poverty - and the author of Banker to the Poor: Micro-lending and the Battle Against World Poverty.

Okay, that does feel better. C'mon Lea, you can do it!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

note to self

  • Patience
  • Fortitude
  • Let go of resentment
  • Be kind to myself; I deserve it

These are four things I need to work on.