Sunday, March 22, 2009

it is what it is-- and then a solution appeared!

Yesterday another financial surprise caught us off-guard. We were already tight on money because of the auto repair bill. The rest of the month's expenses were figured out & expected to be fine as long as were didn't spend anything in excess & stuck to the basics.

However, a bill that we thought was already accounted for got automatically deducted from our bank account yesterday, leaving us with only half of what we had left! That gave us $3 for ten days until pay day (the rest had to go to bills due before April). We would definitely need to buy gas, sheets for massage school, possibly food, send out books we sold on Amazon, and just $3 is never a good buffer in a bank account. Oh, we also don't use or have credit cards.

So this new financial surprise took the wind out of our sails, and we were both trying not to panic or let this define us. My husband went to lay down while I sat on the couch trying to think of some sort of strategy to keep our account from going in the red. But I just couldn't think of one.

At first I tried blaming my husband for not being sure that this bill was already paid, but that didn't work. Then I tried blaming myself for paying for my massage school up front when I also had the option of paying it in multiple payments, which would have left us with a nice chunk right now. But that didn't work since there was nothing I could do about that now, and since I still stand by the reasoning my husband & I had for paying it upfront.

That is when I wrote the "it is what it is" entry yesterday. I felt that was all I could really do. Then with perfect timing at the very end of that entry, right before I wrote "Thank you," a solution came to me! It seemed so obvious I was surprised I hadn't thought of it before. So I wrote "Thank you" to whoever for giving me the solution, and went straight to Aaron. He was quite delighted with it too and couldn't believe how obvious it was, especially since we had done it before.

My husband and I have this happen to us often enough (moreso in college) where we are faced with an extraordinary financial issue that has the potential to extremely stress out. But once we accept the situation for what it is a solution come to us. In college the solution would be an unexpected, random check to us in the mail within days, or something similar in nature. We were not eligible nor capable then to solve those financial issues the same way we can today.

I'll share what we did though I only recommend it if you truly know you can pay it back, and if this situation isn't a common one for you, but rather is born out of extraordinary, rare circumstances. (That's just my opinion.) We took out a cash advance with Advance America/Cash Advance. We used them once before when we first moved into this apartment, got our car and were extremely tight on cash with all the extra expenses from that month. It was a helpful, short term loan that we were more than able to pay back a couple weeks later. The same applies to the situation we are in now, and this solution works for us. If we did have an "emergency" credit card, we are afraid we would find other non-emergency excuses to use it, so for now we're still holding off on getting one.

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