Saturday, April 18, 2009

fun planning

I have completed the first half of this first massage module; I'm three weeks closer to becoming a certified massage therapist in the county.  This means that I get to start seriously looking at business cards and web designs!  Of course I will only be sticking with friends, family, and people who come highly recommended by the former two.  Still it's nice to have the professional stuff on hand.  Here's a free web template I found online.  I changed the header, and will of course tweek the content, though I'm keeping mum on the business name until it's official.  I already have the web domain registered :)

It has that clean, Zen feel that I'm fond of. The business cards also have illustrated cherry blossoms against a crisp, white background. Finally it's becoming less of a dream and more of a reality. Before I'd create mock sites & cards for this practice, but now I'm actually gaining the skills and knowledge to make it manifest.

So that's basically what I did this Friday and Saturday, aside from the farmers' market and a nice surprise dinner that my husband treated us to.


Since I've started walking to school my body has responded quite nicely.  It is so much easier to exercise when it is incorporated into your daily life.  My anatomy classes though have taught me the serious importance of exercise & consuming enough water, for starters.  Because of that I have gone back to the gym to do weight lifting/resistance exercises, vital for bone health.  In general people think their bones are a solid, stable mass when inreality your skeletal system is so dynamic and in constant flux.  So drink plenty of water and exercise!  Or else you'll be feeling the consequences, especially as you get older.

I know I have more things to say besides websites & bones, but I need to organize my thoughts more or else I end up rambling like this.

Good night!

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