Wednesday, May 6, 2009

fruits of my labor

This week is the last week of my first massage module. I actually have an anatomy final today, and tomorrow was supposed to be my practitioner's test. That's the test where we have to do a massage in an hour while the instructor watches and grades. Well yesterday we had the option of taking the practitioner's test then instead of Thursday, so that's what we did. It was awesome getting it out of the way. After the test the instructor speaks with you privately and tells if you if you passed (though it's rare for anyone to fail). Now I haven't really gotten much comment in class about my progress, just instructions when my back or wrist isn't straight enough, or a good job here & there. So I wasn't expecting much.

The praise I got was some of the most flattering ever, the kind of praise that touches me more. Stuff like how it was a joy & beautiful to watch me massage since my body mechanics are perfect and I had a peaceful, healing energy when doing so. I mean, wow, I was not expecting that :) But it's what I want to be. I told her I was very glad to hear that, and practically skipped home. I'm just so --I can't think of adequate words-- happy? satisfied? fulfilled? that what I've been working towards for these past several years is easily unfolding & coming to be now. It's so encouraging; it's the kind of fuel that makes the journey that much easier.

There is an acupressure class that I really wanted to take but I don't think the money's going to come through this time. I'm not counting it out yet, but I'm not holding my breath either. I was quite worked up over it, trying to budget and figure out how to make it work. But now I just figure if I'm meant to take it, the money will show. And if not, there will be a next time. I will just have to focus on other classes this summer.

So next week I start deep tissue classes! Isn't is a beautiful life?

*** Fruit Infused Water***

I made some apple/basil water last night. It is quite refreshing and delicious, so here's the simple recipe if you want to try for yourself.

1 large or 2 small apples (Gala, Granny Mmith, Fuji, basically any crunchy kind that is not Red Delicious)

2 sprigs of basil (~a dozen leaves). I used fresh basil.

* Slice apples.
* Chop or crunch basil leaves.
* Put together in a very large cloth "tea bag" or wrap in cheese cloth (basically anything you can fashion out of a cloth that will let the water diffuse through it.)
* Fill a pitcher with water and put the wrapped apple slices & basil in it. (I use filtered water.)
* Set in fridge overnight.
* Take out apples & basil in morning. (Optional: add fresh leaves and apple slices to pitcher.)

Take a sip!


Breeze said...

Beautiful site you have here. I would love to subscribe or follow but couldn't find a link. Good luck with your MT practice!

LoveLightPeace said...

Thank you! I added some sort of RSS thing so maybe that will help. As you can tell, I'm not so savvy with that stuff ;)