Thursday, May 14, 2009

frustrated foes

Yesterday was an odd day in massage class for me. We were learning massage strokes for the head, and I was finding it particularly difficult. I wasn't feeling any flow, it felt awkward for me, and I was just feeling stuck. I got so frustrated that I could have literally started crying. Then other negative emotions started to creep up; it was very odd and bizarre. I hadn't felt that frustrated with massage ever, nor that frustrated just in general in a very long time.

Lunch came, we went outside to eat, and during then it melted away. I don't know why; I did try to calm myself down before lunch, so maybe that helped. Or it could have just been the break that helped. But after that I felt much better. I even practiced it on my husband later that night, in part because I didn't want to remain frustrated with it when I had to do it again. The only way I was going to get a handle on it was if I practiced. And even with a new kitty jumping on the massage table every other minute, I wasn't nearly as frustrated as I was during class.

I'm not very experienced at recognizing what's my energy and what it someone else's. I'm rather curious if it was someone else's energy overlapping/shadowing mine that made me that frustrated. But I don't know. I just wanted to record that odd experience and share it. Sometimes you feel off, but it's only temporary.

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