Sunday, June 28, 2009

Reiki I

Today was "wow"! I had my Reiki I class from basically 9:30AM to 5PM. I wasn't too aware of what Reiki was except that it had to do with universal energy work. So in class we went over some of Reiki's history, some basic chakra stuff and a couple meditations. We took a break for lunch. When we reconvened our instructor gave us an attunement which is basically a guided meditation with the aid of "beings of light" and the instructor performing a few things on each person.

For the most part during this attunement it felt like a deep, relaxed meditation. Nothing was happening out of the ordinary that I couldn't do with a self-meditation at home. It was near the very end when the instructor went around to each of us again and performed a few things, completing the circuit, that I had my Holy Shit moments. I was sitting on a chair with my hands in front of my heart in a prayer position. I then started to breath quicker than the long, deep breaths we were taking. I started to feel a quiver start in my abdominal area, and spread down to the medial & inner sides of my legs and up my chest. This quivering feeling only got more intense. It escalated to the point where the affected areas had that pins & needles feeling multiplied by 100. It was intense. I felt this intense energy heavily rolling in & up my stomach and pulsating in & on my legs. My face was affected too though not as strongly. Meanwhile I'm thinking Holy Shit over and over, then thinking maybe I should stop thinking Holy Shit.

Next our guide was instructed to come to me (all of us) and present me with a gift. I asked my guide (just a brightness) if this intense engery & what I was feeling was safe. I was told it was very powerful and very safe. Then I was presented with a seedling. Our instrucor told us to put our gifts to our hearts and a few other things, and then it was finished. Slowly that intense feeling dissapated.

We all shared our experiences. I was first and I didn't mention my gift since I was focusing on the Holy Shit aspect, but the people after me mentioned their gifts. So when we were on break I asked my instructor if she has any interpretation of her own what my gift may mean (since she offered her guess to others). She said that my intense experience sounded like some major grounding to my body & earth for me; then she said the seedling sounded like I had a deep connection to nature, which I affirmed. She wanted to know if I had looked into any shamanic healing practices.

Now remember that psychic reading I received from a deep tissue instructor a few weeks ago? During that reading I was told that I had a Native American shaman by my side who could work through me to heal. I was advised to look into studying shamanic healing practices. It just so happened that we had an introduction book around the apartment about that, and I've been reading it. My husband and I even practiced the first step (discovering your power animal).

So I relay this to my Reiki instructor. She says she has a Reiki friend she practices with who is also a shamanic practitioner. He (the friend) is going to start offering workshops on shamanic practices (which my instructor wants to take as well) and said she'd let me know when they start if I was interested. I told her I was; she has my contact information.

We finished up class by doing Reiki on eachother with a partner and discussing that.

It was a fascinating class with fascinating experiences.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

this is why

My massage clinics are going very well. I need just one more to complete my CMT. I did two yesterday (my first minor and first male), and did two more today (a lady and my husband).

Yesterday was interesting in that both of the clients gave me a 4 out of 5 on the feedback form but didn't give me any written comments, like how I could improve or whatnot. Before that I always got back some form of written feedback. I prefer written feedback so I know where I am strong and where I am weak. Anywho, this was beneficial to me in a different way. It just reminded me (as my husband first pointed out) that I had to be okay with not always knowing if they loved it, meh-ed it, or hated it. I just have to do the best I can and let happen whatever happens for them.

Plus, I have a perfectionist tendency which isn't really healthy or beneficial for this line of work. There is a lot of talk about how as a person working in the healing arts you just have to provide a safe, loving space for your client to heal. You are not the one healing them; you are just providing them the opportunity and space for them to heal themselves. You cannot inflict your ego on them. If the client is not open to healing while you are providing your service, then you cannot take that personally at all: you cannot let your ego invade their safe, loving space. Once you let your ego do that, then it becomes about you and not the client, which is counter to what the intention should be. This is one of the hardest things to grasp and keep tabs on when working in the healing arts.

My other clinic today was also a godsend. She came in 10 minutes late for her appointment, was stressed out already since there was a lot of traffic & she got lost. I told her she had to fill out the consent and background forms before receiving her massage, that her massage would have to be abbreviated since she was late and I had another client after her. Man, she was not happy about that at all. She started saying how if she knew that she would have canceled, asking "Is this even worth it now?" "Do I really have to fill these out now, we're already wasting time?" and so on. I told her she really did need to fill out the forms first and could cancel if she wanted since I didn't want to force her to do something she didn't want to do. However, she just hastily filled them out (with a huff) and soon enough I was massaging her.

She got a little chatty halfway into the massage, making politce conversation. At one point she asked what made me get into this line of work. I told her, "I want to help people, that there were a lot of stressed out people who need help." After I said that a little switch in my head flipped on and mentally I added, "I'm doing this for you." It made me chuckle on the inside and made the situation 100% better. After the massage the lady was quite noticeably happier and relaxed (despite the time constraint). She basically apologized for her behavior earlier, saying she understood that I couldn't give her the whole hour. She asked how to go about scheduling her next massage. I wished her a good day, gave her a half-hug, and she went merrily on her way. She definitely reminded me why stressed out people need to relax and sometimes need help doing so :)

direct intuitive

I believe in psychics. I do think it can be really difficult to find genuine psychics since so many frauds are out there to just make a buck. However, I have had the pleasure of getting to know one of my instructors for the past 12 weeks who happens to be a psychic herself. Throughout these past 12 weeks I have come to (easily) believe she is a genuine intuitive person. She does readings at a holistic bookstore on Fridays and recently my husband went to receive a reading from her. She was spot on with everything. From the relationship between him and his mother (which is difficult for people to understand & I said nothing about) to his job situation and his struggles with how he does mathematics. This and some other things came out in just 15 minutes with my husband not uttering or responding to anything until she was done.

So that's just my intro to what came up in my reading I received from her yesterday. Several things came up, but the biggest thing I got out of it was the answer I received from a question I asked. Since high school I became aware of the possibility that I might have a half-sibling out there in the world. Back in the day my dad had a girlfriend. One day she told him she was pregnant, and my dad just split. He never followed up or anything with her. For all anyone knew she could have been lying, had an abortion or really was pregnant and had a child.

I wanted to know once and for all what the answer to that question was: did I have a half-sibling? I didn't tell her the story behind it, I just asked the question. The answer she gave was "yes," a half-sister. She didn't feel that the sister knew about us (my family). She felt the sister was on the east coast. Then she counseled me on how to go about the situation & finding her, and relayed how her husband also found out a while ago that he had a half-sister, etc.

Personally, I felt I had a half-sister. I even think her name may be Cheryl, Carol, something of that sort (when trying to be intuitive myself). Who knows what will come of it but I am at least going to try to find her, assuming she exists.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

grand, magical and exciting

Life feels grand, magical and exciting at the moment. I am officially taking the acupressure class thanks to my miraculous husband. I've already been to one class; the material & instructor are excellent! The next class is next Friday, hoorah!

Tomorrow is my last day of deep tissue class, and my last day of regular massage classes. No more regular class schedule. No more seeing the same people four days a week for a dozen weeks. I don't think it'll be too weird for me but I think the other people in my class will miss it. For me, I'm just excited that it's over, meaning I'm so much closer to getting my certificates. I still need to do my clinic hours, but I'm already so close to finishing up hours for my CMT classes. Deep tissue needs even less hours so it'll go by quickly enough.

My husband is looking for a new job and it's rather exciting. He's getting calls from various recruiters for San Francisco companies, a few of which sound really good to him. There is one company in particular that sounds great for him which he'll be speaking with tomorrow. I've already told my husband that should he get a job offer in San Francisco, I am willing to cut short my massage training here and continue it elsewhere. I already have the two major modules completed with (almost), and I trust in Spirit/myself that things will unfold however they need to. Whether he finds a new job here or in SF, it's exciting nonetheless :)