Saturday, June 20, 2009

direct intuitive

I believe in psychics. I do think it can be really difficult to find genuine psychics since so many frauds are out there to just make a buck. However, I have had the pleasure of getting to know one of my instructors for the past 12 weeks who happens to be a psychic herself. Throughout these past 12 weeks I have come to (easily) believe she is a genuine intuitive person. She does readings at a holistic bookstore on Fridays and recently my husband went to receive a reading from her. She was spot on with everything. From the relationship between him and his mother (which is difficult for people to understand & I said nothing about) to his job situation and his struggles with how he does mathematics. This and some other things came out in just 15 minutes with my husband not uttering or responding to anything until she was done.

So that's just my intro to what came up in my reading I received from her yesterday. Several things came up, but the biggest thing I got out of it was the answer I received from a question I asked. Since high school I became aware of the possibility that I might have a half-sibling out there in the world. Back in the day my dad had a girlfriend. One day she told him she was pregnant, and my dad just split. He never followed up or anything with her. For all anyone knew she could have been lying, had an abortion or really was pregnant and had a child.

I wanted to know once and for all what the answer to that question was: did I have a half-sibling? I didn't tell her the story behind it, I just asked the question. The answer she gave was "yes," a half-sister. She didn't feel that the sister knew about us (my family). She felt the sister was on the east coast. Then she counseled me on how to go about the situation & finding her, and relayed how her husband also found out a while ago that he had a half-sister, etc.

Personally, I felt I had a half-sister. I even think her name may be Cheryl, Carol, something of that sort (when trying to be intuitive myself). Who knows what will come of it but I am at least going to try to find her, assuming she exists.

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