Wednesday, June 17, 2009

grand, magical and exciting

Life feels grand, magical and exciting at the moment. I am officially taking the acupressure class thanks to my miraculous husband. I've already been to one class; the material & instructor are excellent! The next class is next Friday, hoorah!

Tomorrow is my last day of deep tissue class, and my last day of regular massage classes. No more regular class schedule. No more seeing the same people four days a week for a dozen weeks. I don't think it'll be too weird for me but I think the other people in my class will miss it. For me, I'm just excited that it's over, meaning I'm so much closer to getting my certificates. I still need to do my clinic hours, but I'm already so close to finishing up hours for my CMT classes. Deep tissue needs even less hours so it'll go by quickly enough.

My husband is looking for a new job and it's rather exciting. He's getting calls from various recruiters for San Francisco companies, a few of which sound really good to him. There is one company in particular that sounds great for him which he'll be speaking with tomorrow. I've already told my husband that should he get a job offer in San Francisco, I am willing to cut short my massage training here and continue it elsewhere. I already have the two major modules completed with (almost), and I trust in Spirit/myself that things will unfold however they need to. Whether he finds a new job here or in SF, it's exciting nonetheless :)


control hamster said...

If you move to SF, you know you have at least one client :)

Radiate Light said...

Aww, thank you! I'm really crossing my fingers for SF; it'd be a mini-dream come true.