Friday, July 10, 2009

Lift Off

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This week has really been something. My husband interviewed with NASA. It was a perfect interview; the people he spoke with really loved him & wanted to hire him. However something changed in the job description which meant that my husband no longer qualified for the position. It was a whirlwind of high hopes and expectations. My husband thought he was landing a dream job in a location that we would have loved. And then it did not happen.

Wednesday (the day we found out) we were both pretty crushed. He consoled himself with some Jack Daniels; I had a glass of Lambrusco and triple chocolate bundt cake from Trader Joe's. All combined with some mourning for something we never actually had, just dashed hopes. I did perform Reiki on myself earlier since I was really down. It did help a lot but it wasn't lasting. That day was also our three year wedding anniversary, which got overshadowed by the crap news.

But the next morning (yesterday) I went out to the farm to do my weekly volunteer work. I was still feeling crummy in the morning and actually considered skipping out on the farm. Good thing I went though. Four hours of picking fruit, washing turnips and carrots, and a few other things just dissolved that dank, dark cloud that was hanging over me. I felt renewed without a hint of the despair I felt the day before. It was a beautiful morning, and continued to be a beautiful day. Even today I still feel that vibrant, full, luminous energy. My husband felt the same yesterday as well :)

We were both amazed at how quickly we got over our despair and disappointment. It used to take longer than that. It's gratifying that we can live our lives unsoiled by the unfulfilled expectations that arise from time to time.

So my husband and I decided to make today our anniversary. We're going to go out to a yummy Lebanese restaurant where a friend of ours is belly dancing.

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