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Reiki II
7 Hours
This class extends your knowledge of Reiki. You will learn about distance healing, emotional and mental healing, meditation, and intention. Practice time will include doing distance healing, scanning techniques, and changing unwanted habits with Reiki. You will receive another attunement that facilitates healing on the emotional and mental level.

12 Continuing Education Hours
As a breast cancer survivor herself, Danielle is well informed about what to expect and how to deal with all kinds of cancer. In the class, she will explain how it feels to be diagnosed with cancer and how her own experience as a massage therapist can help others.

The correct touch and correct intention is very important to the client and most importantly that everyone needs human touch. Come learn more about clients with cancer and let us talk about how to approach them with kindness and tenderness.

In this class you will learn:

* How to be at ease around patients with cancer
* How to comfort the client

Beginning Hot Stone
12 Continue Education Hours

Advanced Hot Stone
6 Continue Education Hours


12 Continuing Education Hours

Advanced Reiki II ART
7 Hours
You will learn to do emotional and mental healing at a deeper level. Class includes learning advanced techniques that will strengthen the mind. Learn about spiritual protection and how to remove negative psychic energy from yourself and others. You will also receive one more attunement that will increase the strength of your Reiki energy. You must take Advanced Reiki II if you want to take Reiki III Master training. (This class becomes Day 1 of 7 classes in the RIII Master series.)

Reiki Drumming
16 Hours
Just as Reiki promotes relaxation and relief of stress that results in a holistic healing experience, adding the energy and pulse of the drum with Reiki results in a multi-dimensional healing that connects one deeply with the Earth and the Universe. In this class, you will:

~Take a Reiki Journey to heal the part of you that may be hesitant to create sound
~Do group drumming to celebrate the integration of your voice
~Receive a Reiki attunement for you and your healing Reiki drum
~Put Reiki chanting together with Reiki drumming
~ Learn various drumming protocols for:

1. facilitating a basic Reiki drumming session
2. facilitating a change of unhealthy thoughts to healthy and positive thoughts
3. facilitating balance, alignment, harmony in the body, mind, and spirit
4. preparing your sacred space
5. facilitating a Reiki Drumming journey
6. preparing yourself for the Reiki drumming work

~Practice giving and receiving Reiki Drumming sessions...and much more...

Deep Tissue Techniques “Muscle Energy” New
12 Continuing Education Hours

Reiki Healing Oils of Ancient Times
7 Hours
Help you experience the living energy of the 14 principal essential oils of ancient times and how to use them in modern times. This class includes lecture, meditation, anointing, and healing techniques. You can incorporate the oils and techniques in your massage or Reiki sessions. Set to the energy of “JOY”, this class pays respect and honor to your “True Self.” Some say experiencing these ancient oils is like being in "7th Heaven."


Thai Massage I
12 Continuing Education Hours

Reiki Raindrop Technique
8 Hours
This process uses 7 single oils and 2 therapeutic blends that are dropped on the receiver’s back in raindrop fashion. By applying special techniques and warm, moist towels, the oils will move deeply into the spine and through the nerve pathways to the afflicted organs, systems, or areas of the body to promote relaxation and pain reduction. This is a technique based on Lakota Native Healing. The oils and Technique can easily and effortlessly be incorporated in your massages and Reiki sessions, or you can do stand-alone Raindrop sessions on friends, family, or clients.

This class will cover:
Essential oils used in the Raindrop session that have been clinically tested to have antiviral, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties.

How to apply these oils using a method designed to optimize the power of healing and alignment in the human body.

Why the quality of essential oils matters, how to avoid toxic imitators, how to be safety conscious and wise when using the oils.

What benefits can be realized; i.e., relieves/reduces back and knee pain, tight shoulders, chronic pain, flushes out toxins, promotes general well being.

Hands-on experience of doing and receiving the Raindrop session.

How to integrate massage, Reiki, Vita Flex (reflexology) with the Raindrop Technique.

Expanding the Raindrop session...and more...

Spa Services
12 Continuing Education Hours
Learn how to MAKE, USE and PROMOTE the Most Popular and Effective Spa Wraps and Scrubs.

Increase your income and expand your menu for less than the cost of getting these body treats at the spa! Sugar and Sea Salt are combined with organic plant and essential oils to exfoliate and moisturize - great as a massage add on or by alone sells for $55-$125. The Detoxifying Herbal Wrap cocoons the client in luxury while purifying the skin, body and soul - found at the world’s top spas sells for $75-$175. Paraffin is a soft wax that when layered over essential oil blends helps relieve dermatitis, eczema, tennis elbow, cellulite and more – an extremely versatile treatment that you can custom for each client dips sell for $5-$45 and wraps $95-$250.

Class Kit includes all materials to use in class as well as materials you can take home.


Aromatherapy Treatments For Massage
12 Continuing Education Hours
This two day workshop is explained in simple, uncomplicated terms. You will be able to apply these applications to your practice immediately.

In session one (day one) you will recieve an introduction to aromatherapy covering history, lore, scientific research, contraindications, terminology, extraction, judging quality, proper use and blending techniques. You will become acquainted with the effects of over thirty essential oils (charts included) as well as carrier oils and their properties.

In session two (day two) you will learn and experience several modalities using essential oils to expand your knowledge and practice while treating the whole person. We will cover the healing properties of over 20 essential oils, creating therapeutic blends for muscular problems, digestive problems, detoxifying, infections, and more (charts included).

Each day you will be creating custom aromatherapy massage oils, sprays, lotions, more for personal use and to expand your massage therapy practice.


Lymphatic Drainage
Sat Dec 5/Sun Dec 6 2009 at 10:00AM-4:00PM
$225.00 Tuition + $25.00 Non-refundable Registration Fee
+ $50.00 Material Fee
12 Continuing Education Hours

Beginning Reflexology
12 Continuing Education Hours

Senior Massage
12 Continuing Education Hours
Touch can have a far reaching benefit for our elders to provide them with tender love and care! The lasting effects of improved joint mobility, increased blood circulation and minimizing arthritic and muscle pain, can be accomplished through receiving massage therapy. Learn the appropriate massage techniques and body mechanics to use while working with this special population.

Beginning Herbs and Nutrition
12 Continuing Education Hours
(Possible Description)Come learn from our herbal friends! Explore which plants are appropriate to use during and after a bodywork session. Our focus will be on topical applications that include the classes of: Anti-inflammatories, Antispasmodics, Analgesics, Emollients, Nervines, Rubefacients, and the Vulneraries. After a detailed discussion and time for in-class application, students will leave the class knowing how to use and apply a handful of herbs for their clients. In addition to this clinical application, the class will be creative. We might make an infused oil, a salve, a poultice and/or a liniment. Please bring 2 large glass jars and 2 small glass jars.

Reiki III Master Teacher/Training -Day 1
7 Hours
Open fully to the power of Reiki and access your spiritual self. Learn advanced techniques for facilitating healing at the spiritual level, i.e., heart healing, celestial healing, crystal healing, and more. In the second half of the Master Series, learn how to teach Reiki and to give Attunements. Receive an attunement to the Master symbol plus four new symbols.

Pre-Natal & Infant
12 Continuing Education Hours
Two workshops for the price of one! Learn client positioning for pregnant woman, contraindications, and the benefits of massage. Also learn about aromatherapy, essential oils and lotions specifically for use on pregnant women, and what not to use! You will learn how to give a relaxing nurturing pre-natal massage, and you will also learn side-lying massage techniques that are beneficial for everyone, especially people who have low back, hip, neck and shoulder pain. You will also be able to incorporate these into your daily routine, and confidently work on people who would benefit from side-lying positions. The second part of the workshop is Infant Massage. This is a great tool to have for those mother's who you have been given Pre-Natal Massages to. Massaging a baby help with circulation and enhancing bodily functions. In this workshop, you will learn how to soothe and relax the baby with gentle massage and stretching techniques. Research studies that have been done in reaction to infants and massage will be discussed, as well as the legal aspects of working with children.

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