Thursday, August 27, 2009

expect nothing

I shared my experience yesterday with my husband and with my mom. Sometimes I do not understand my husband. I told him the whole event and he had nothing to say. Literally. A couple smiles & raised eyebrows, the kind of thing you do when you can think of nothing to say. This shouldn't upset me but it does get under my skin at times. Only when I'm sharing something I find really interesting with him and then I get nothing from him. I know it shouldn't matter what he thinks or how he responds. It just makes me feel really vulnerable and then I start wondering if he thinks I'm crazy, which I know he will say no and maybe get upset I think that. The times I have asked why he hasn't said anything he simply says it's because he has nothing to say & isn't thinking anything. Oh well, another issue I need to work on.

My mom thought it sounded scary and that was pretty much that. I guess if I knew someone who had these different experiences I would be very interested and ask questions and such. But they're not me so I shouldn't expect that. Guess that's what this blog is for.

I picked up some small crystals yesterday. I've been reading this book from the library about crystal energy and healing, so I want to experiment with that. Try tuning in to their energies this afternoon.

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