Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Okay, so Day 3 of meditating and I have the most "holy shit!" experience yet. It was so powerful and engulfing that I immediately called the Reiki master I'm learning from and my former massage therapy instructor (who is also the intuitive) to share and ask for advice. I'll write it down now lest I forget how powerful it was later on.

I was seated in the poang chair doing some channel breathing. It's just where when you breath in you imagine the light above your head coming down through you body, and when you breath out you imagine the light coming up from the earth to your head. It's to help clear your channel and chakras, something good to do before doing any sort of healing work on someone. I had done this type of breathing a couple times just for a tiny bit (like a minute or two), would start to feel tingley, and then stop. Well this time I decided to stay with it and keep going.

Immediately I start to get that tingley sensation. The more I breath, the strong the sensation becomes. I want to see what will happen if I just stick with it so I continue. Remember when I had my first "holy shit" moment with my first Reiki attunement? Well I start to get the same degree of sensations here, except the more I go, the more intense it becomes. For whatever reason I decide to stand up. Next time I won't only because my feet and lower legs become completely engulfed in the intense, heavy sensations. I personally couldn't feel them. I was afraid I'd fall over but then set that fear aside. The sensations were also very strong at my third chakra, chest, throat and head. Later they become strong on my upper back.

I kept my Love Light Peace mantra going (that's what I usually repeat when I meditate). At one point I thought I should try to say it out loud. That's when I discovered I could barely talk. Really I'd say I couldn't talk. It was so hard to get one word out, and when I did it was with a very deep voice, one that I cannot do voluntarly. In fact I had never heard myself like that before.

I asked myself if I had any messages for me, or any advice. I was basically told to learn, practice and heal. I was told to trust in "it" aka me aka god. There was nothing elaborate shown or said to me.

I decided I wanted to end it. I had been holding my hands over my heart in a prayer position. When I tried to move my arms I realized I couldn't. It was like my upper back was cement. Slowly I extened my arms out like a "T." The sensations were starting to reside though were still very present in/on my head, throat & feet. I started to make circles with my arms, going up over my head and down to my abdomen, asking to be grounded to the earth and grounded to my body. I've never asked that before, but I just thought that would help. I said it with authority too. The sensations lessened a lot, but were still being felt. I next did Reiki on myself, focusing on my 1st chakra to help ground more. That helped my legs a lot. They finally felt inhabited. My eyes and head were still a little zappy though.

Then I just had to talk to someone about it, someone who could help me understand what just happened & give me advice. First I called the Reiki master I learn under, and left a message. Then I called my former instructor. While I was leaving a message with the latter the former called me back. So I quickly ended the message and answered her call.

I relayed what had happened and she was a bit astounded, even more so when she learned I had only been doing it for several minutes or so before I got into that state. She said it sounded like I was in a very deep, altered state; also that I was obviously a clear, powerful channel and that I probably didn't need to do that breathing techniqure to clear my channel the way others need to. We talked about kundalini and how it related to what I felt. She shared some of her experiences and just really helped me. Since I'm a novice without much training in this area we both thought it was a good idea to not do it much until I got more education & training in it. I'd rather focus on the Reiki myself.

I'll probably get a call from my instructor later and it'll be good to get her input too.

So... that's what I did this afternoon. Back to my cheesy Cantonese pop love songs.

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Nice posting. Do you know about these kundalini books?