Friday, August 28, 2009

A Partner In Crime

So now for some fun stuff. After being mopey yesterday about my husband not responding to my experience I went and played with meditating with crystals. It was a cool introduction. I started off with a smokey quartz placed over my first chakra and meditated, focused allowing myself to feel the crystal's energy. When I was ready I took that one off and put a citrine quartz on my second chakra, repeat; lapis on my fifth chakra, repeat; amethyst on my sixth chakra, repeat; clear quartz on my 7th chakra. I skipped my third and fourth since I don't have corresponding stones at the moment.

I could definitely tell the difference between the crystals. Smokey was heavy, denser, more mellow. The higher up the chakras I get, the lighter and quicker their energy felt. I enjoyed the first and fifth ones the best. Fifth was akin to floating on a cloud.

I tried meditating with Smokey on my first and the clear quartz on my fifth. It was interesting to feel the difference at the same time.

During these meditations though it came to me that I should invite Aaron to join me in my experiments. As I reflected on it, I felt that he really would enjoy doing the crystal meditations and the channel breathing.

So after work I asked him if he wanted to join me in such things; he said yes! So he did the crystal meditations that evening and enjoyed it like I thought he would. Tonight he's going to try the channel breathing.

I'm always happy to have him join me which so happen to alleviate my mopiness on that topic. Lately he's been stretched thin with getting the new job, moving, and other things, so I think he appreciated me asking since otherwise it would have taken a while before he forced himself to take some break from all his web developing.

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