Tuesday, August 25, 2009


My renewed spirit wants to get crackin' on my massage therapist hours. I only need about 75 or less more to be certified in my new area (I moved!).

I want to practice more. I have my husband to practice on but would like more people. Must figure something out there.

I want to meditate at least daily again. I did so yesterday and this morning. You wonder how you ever got out of the habit, but it happens. So here I am giving it a renewed effort.

I want to get back in shape. There's a 5k in October that I am striving towards now. Totally doable.

Lastly but most importantly I want to be a shining, peaceful light in this world. I want to help it strive to be everything positive it can be. What I mean is I am a shining, peaceful light. What I want is to be as conscious of this purpose as I can be. For the past several weeks I have been cocooned in anxious wait, hoping and wishing that my husband got the job that he has now landed (hence our move). I let my diet and exercise go to the wayside. I started ignoring myself and focused more on the external. Well that changed yesterday.

Cheers to renewal!


control hamster said...

if you need practice people... :-D

Radiate Light said...

omg I am not even joking. If you want to come here for a massage just tell me when, and/or I can go over there to practice Reiki (OR practice distance Reiki from here). Anything works as long as I don't have to lug the massage table around :)